Shakespeare, Gender and Renaissance Comedies

In Shakespeare and several Renaissance plays, chiefly comedies, a particular aspect that can be singled out for its frequency and its repetition is the...


“But the coal miner’s son was certainly not a half-wit; he never looked back at the past, as Woolf accuses him, for his own good.”

Fathers: The Psychologist, the Monster and the Holy Archetype

“While it may have originated from the need to ascertain paternity, fatherhood has long since crossed over the wall of mere biology into concepts of identity, symbolism, and psychological inquiry.”

The Revolutionary Poetry of Shankha Ghosh

Legendary Bengali poet Shankha Ghosh passed away on the 21st of April, of Covid-19. His literary work and resilient life has inspired generations to stand-up to fascism.

Five Graphic Novels that Build Powerful Words

The stories in this list cover a host of subjects, from the mundane to the political

A Real Image

The fantastic banality of life in Japanese literature.

Ruskin Bond “Zigzags” with Humour and Translation

The sound of laughter is indistinguishable across languages.

“Undifferentiated Brown Stuff”: Daljit Nagra and Travelling Poetry

In this collection, poetry becomes a way of signalling: we are not alone

The Undaunted Poetry of Louise Glück

"Glück’s voice was shaped by bedtime stories narrated to her by her father, a Hungarian immigrant to the USA, who helped invent the X-Acto knife. The influence shows: her writing is as knife-sharp, incisive, and clean as a bone."

The Intimate Relationship Between the Private and the Public in Tamil Sangam Poetry

““It seems to me,” she said, “that poetry does two things: it either contracts its surrounding space or expands on it.””