A poem by Navya

There will always be another tomorrow,

for our quest for


for our search for that dress we saw in the mall,

for that growl of hunger

specifically designed to signal

an incoming binge fest,

like the ringtone of the phone we never put down.


Because there will always be another tomorrow,

for more empty idols to litter our sweat-lands,

for us to stand so tall we are almost prostate,

for us to exchange our “good sense” 

for someone else’s,


And there will be yet another tomorrow;

for every whim satisfied,

there will be another lying in wait,                                                      

and more time for us to sharpen the eye,

lick lips in endless anticipation,

too lazy to even pretend 

that the same ritual won’t happen again,


but there will always be another tomorrow,

even when we have run out of them-

learning will overwrite learning, 

will rewrite the words of yesterday, 


until in a mud-less, sky-less, sea-less world,

the   tomorrows  may    one day     stop. 


Navya Iyer Kannan
Navya Iyer Kannan
Navya is a contributor at ALMA MAGAZINE