it takes two to know the truth

A poem by Himangi Parekh.

this is a retelling of the truth,

of my truth which is shadowed under his,

he abused me, broke my lucky tooth, how uncouth,

forced me to seduce, make isosceles triangles obtuse, the anger within me was disapproved,

so please, excuse me,

it takes two to know the truth.


yet somehow, I broke free of his bloody, toxic fences,

and this was without a fairy godmother, or a feminist apprentice

the wife he tamed was nothing but fake abyss;

and as in her chasm she lay,

she eventually felt out of life, breathless,

and she chose, for the better, to fade away,

what a courageous choice she made,

for it was her death that gave birth to me anyway.


now I am more wise,

know better than to admire our ignorant, dumb society, throw out their confounding demands

that are ill-termed as ‘abiding morality’;

well today I scream and shout,

couldn’t care less to the damage done around,

for it makes me calm within,

removing my life-long suppressed emotions,

and no, they were not sins,

“Yes,” I say, “I am finally free of him.”