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Movement and Mayhem

Kolkata based artist Angana Kundu creates uninhibited line portraits in transit, using the motion of the underground metro.

The Intricacies of Modern Art

A conversation between two lovers is more "art" than some of these pieces could ever be.

Waiting, Watching, Wishing

A photo essay by Yuvan Kumar.

‘Welcome to Shambhala’ by Sahaya

A visual escape into an ethereal space once reserved for the spiritually enlightened

“Undifferentiated Brown Stuff”: Daljit Nagra and Travelling Poetry

In this collection, poetry becomes a way of signalling: we are not alone

For Freedom

Artwork by Aishwarye Gaikwad.


Artwork by Sreehari Siva.

Realm of the Unconscious

Artwork by Dhvani Mehta.

‘Fall’ by Gia Singh Arora

Movement as storytelling, expression and a performing art

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