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creative writing


A poem by Navya

Scenes From A Terrace

A poem by Kanishk Devgan

Dear Friend

This entry won 5th place in the Dispatch 2020 creative writing competition


This entry won the 2nd position in the Dispatch 2020 creative writing competition

Afterwards, at Kochi

A poem by Savera Aranya.


"No one is waiting for him, but he has to be on time. "

An Interview with Bill Dickson

"I hope you will allow me, at this juncture, to make a parenthetical detour. An artist must from time to time wrench himself from his canvas and inspect its colourful totality."

The River Runs Dry

A Poem by Viraj Nayar.

Himalayan Foothills

“We kept looking at our two-year-old like: we know we have to take care of you, but we don’t know what to do.”

‘Welcome to Shambhala’ by Sahaya

A visual escape into an ethereal space once reserved for the spiritually enlightened

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