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An Invitation to the Troll Army

“So, when my husband tweeted ‘J for Judiciary, J for Joke’, he was promptly chastised by a quick-witted troll, “A for Ashir, A for A**h*le.””

For Freedom

Artwork by Aishwarye Gaikwad.

Live-streaming Lord Ganesha: Of Festivals and Pandemics

Devotees around India adapt to usher in their beloved deity during virus-ridden times.

Realm of the Unconscious

Artwork by Dhvani Mehta.

Dutch Tilt

A poem by Sanjana Sheth.

We Are One: Film Festivals and Pandemics

The transformation of film festivals in the shadow of a pandemic

The Self-Sexualisation of Young Women Online

On the liberal feminist movement, influencer culture, and the internalised pressures to sell sex


A cartoon by Tanushka Beniwal.

Bubonic Plague

A cartoon by Tanushka Beniwal.

Chaos 2020

Artwork by Nikita Deshpande

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