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One Blue Planet

Picture Sarojini Nagar, coupled with all its sounds. Now place it underwater, replace the people with the most peculiar fishes you can think of, and voilà, you have a coral reef.

A Minimalist Guide to Minimalism

Minimalism sucks. No, not fundamentally (say, like fascism) but in its ultimate goal. It is an elusive pursuit; a constant work-in-progress. And how it could not be? There are never enough things that you cannot own.

On Indians Caring About American Politics

"The American way of life—through entertainment, social media, and a whole lot of junk food—has touched even those in the most remote parts of the world."

When Bengaluru’s Lakes Dried Up

"In fact, most of Bengaluru’s water bodies died far before the city even began turning into the crowded metropolis it is today."

Subaltern Histories and Regional Identity in ‘Southeast Asia in World History’

A review of Craig Lockard’s book ‘Southeast Asia In World history’

India On The Brink: The Folly Of Poor Economics

"Covid-19 merely exacerbated structural shortcomings in the economy, which had been ailing long before the coronavirus reached India’s shores."

For Freedom

Artwork by Aishwarye Gaikwad.

The Courtside Blemishes On Novak Djokovic

The World No.1’s demeanour has eclipsed his prowess as a tennis champion over the years; disqualification from the U.S. Open 2020 after accidentally hitting a line judge has added fuel to the sceptic's fire


Artwork by Sreehari Siva.

The Self-Sexualisation of Young Women Online

On the liberal feminist movement, influencer culture, and the internalised pressures to sell sex

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