Mirage ’22, A Vibrant College Affair

The team of Mirage '22 roared victorious by justifying those 3 magical words - Empower. Energize. Enliven.

10 committees, 87 pairs of hands, 124 days of shadowed groundwork, all while sticking to a core principle which will complete the legacy of nearly 2 decades: push the bar, and break it! This principle empowers people to stand for Mirage. Energises participants to throw all in for Mirage. Ultimately, it makes everyone enliven Mirage!

2022 saw Mirage go hybrid. The online arena was not unchartered territory:  the already experienced core team outdid themselves by delivering a bubble of sheer exuberance. ] The offline game, however, was what the Mirage ‘22 team craved for, excited as  they were to bounce back after a long pause of two years.

While the management and covid regulators approved on-field referees, the teams were thrown a curveball when they were informed that the players would either be carrying   devices with 6 inch screens or a high ram laptop on ground. Instead of fighting this, however, the team took on the challenge with grace and embarked on a journey to deliver a power-packed cultural fest.  Perhaps the greatest motivation was provided by the fact that all committees were allowed to work on-campus  where juniors and seniors alike were now able to witness the true spirit of Mirage.

Every single mind and every iota of energy was poured into the smooth running of Mirage.  All committee heads closely monitored the pace of progress and the BMS 7 for months, to ensure its momentum. Finally, after such diligence and commitment  we arrived at the opening ceremony of Mirage 2022

The Mirage ’22 Inauguration, Day 1. 

All committee members sporting traditional wear, teachers beaming with pride, called in Mirage ‘21. The gong-striking tradition by the BMS core and teachers was in a way emancipating to every ear sitting in the classroom.It was finally time for the much anticipated event of the year. Right after the ceremony Mirage ‘22 was kicked off with jubilance. All events followed a flawless rhythm and Day 1 of Mirage ’22 ended on the most perfect note.Day 2 brought with it a number of mind boggling and team strategising events. Contingents that were ready to take tough calls while they kept track of moves made by the opponent teams came out victorious on what was the second day of a very smoothly running Mirage.The Final Day, Day 3–As cultural performances kicked in, the points table took a hard turn towards the interesting.  Following the dance performances and cultural events of the year, the time came to reveal the winners of this three day tussle.

While on the one hand the  closing ceremony had begun, a particular tension was building around the events tema’s tallying of points in each category. The contingents looked pretty pumped up on the screens while the atmosphere in the committee classroom was steeped in the mixture of joy and bittersweet gratification. Thus another year of Mirage drew close to an end with hosts sending out appreciations and congratulations as they called it a year.

After such a magnificent success of Mirage’22, the FYs felt empowered and pumped. The SYs all in all energised and jumped. The TYs enlivened and bumped their heads as they left every hindrance their way thumped! The emotion won’t be caught by words neither will this picture justify it but this name and tagline might. Mirage: Empower. Energize. Enliven. 

A third year undergraduate student studying BMS in Mumbai and also striving to leave a mark on everyone from every piece of my writing, I will ever carve! 

– By Meet Prajapati


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