Fiction and Poetry

Narcissus and I

“Time is a blur and I do not remember what I was before. For as long as I know, the day I came upon these untouched waters, was the day I began to live. For is not to love, to live?”

By the Beach With My Grandmother

I hold her hand Her skin—wrinkled and loose and warm, green walls of veins I pinch it softly, and the fold stands, just for a moment, it stays like...


“The changing of personalities, the unconscious smiles, the problematic views.”


A poem by Navya


“His ship has gone down on this occasion, as it has many times before, but he knows he will sail again and the same sea will be waiting to engulf him tomorrow.”

North of Caufield

A poem by A.R.

Scenes From A Terrace

A poem by Kanishk Devgan

Dear Friend

This entry won 5th place in the Dispatch 2020 creative writing competition

Dear You

This entry placed 4th in the Dispatch 2020 creative writing competition


A poem by Armaan Verma