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The World’s Most Thriving Art Form

‘What is art’ is a serious question, because as with so many things, it’s about you. We have long abandoned the view that art...

Wimbledon’s Uneven Playing Fields

Mired in the politics of SW19’s Russian ban, how much does lifting the champion’s trophy still mean?

‘Wordle’ and The Daily Confidentiality

"There is a unity that Wordle has introduced us to—which, in all its absurdity, is a rather pleasant experience on social media."

Donald Trump, House Speaker?

“Indeed, the Speakership’s visibility would return Trump an essential political asset: the power to shape the news cycle and, by extension, the political landscape to his advantage.”

Our Sporting Heroes And The Question Of Accountability

Questioning Tribalism and the Cult of Ronaldo

The Nation In Olympia

Unpicking the narrative around bodies, sport and statehood

The Woes of Celebrity Activism

On the rise of commodified philanthropy, consumerism and capitalistic stardom

The Unfulfilled Promises of Meritocracy

On the frustration of a stratified India, its meritocratic institutions, and educational mobility

The Death of an Activist

The recent demise of Father Stan Swamy presents us with an ugly picture of the ramifications of dissent in India

On Indians Caring About American Politics

"The American way of life—through entertainment, social media, and a whole lot of junk food—has touched even those in the most remote parts of the world."