Juice: On Indian Dinners Where Families (Mistr)eat Together

Neeraj Ghaywan’s short film unflinchingly sheds light on everyday misogyny through an intimate, Indian family get-together.

Trawling for Trouble: The Underbelly of Seafood

A photo essay on fish trawling off the coast of Maharashtra

The King’s Indian

From Chaturanga to Modern Chess

Fathers: The Psychologist, the Monster and the Holy Archetype

“While it may have originated from the need to ascertain paternity, fatherhood has long since crossed over the wall of mere biology into concepts of identity, symbolism, and psychological inquiry.”

Tamhane Against Time

The Disciple’s slow movement stands in contrast to its protagonist’s inner restlessness

Lockdown, Loneliness and a Love Letter

"The magic of Lorde’s music doesn’t lie in providing solutions but in its ability to assure the world that it’s okay to feel hopeless; to idle in a musty room."

One Mind, Many Realities

Each person experiences a reality of their own that is framed uniquely and vividly by our minds. Living through an individualised–even distorted vision of...

A Taste Of Mumbai

8 dishes that have become staples in the coastal capital of Maharashtra, India

One Blue Planet

Picture Sarojini Nagar, coupled with all its sounds. Now place it underwater, replace the people with the most peculiar fishes you can think of, and voilà, you have a coral reef.

The Revolutionary Poetry of Shankha Ghosh

Legendary Bengali poet Shankha Ghosh passed away on the 21st of April, of Covid-19. His literary work and resilient life has inspired generations to stand-up to fascism.