Flash Fiction

When the Ashes Come to Hunt

    The village folk looked up as the sky changed colour from a lighter shade of grey into a darker one. The object which was...

Twelve Steps

    There are twelve steps between me and redemption.  When I take the first one and see my death looming before me, yawning open like the...


"It was simply imperative to understand the psychology of a man before roping him in and rendering him spent."

Lost and Found

“She had everything she needed: a little bit of laundry-change that she scraped off the dining table the other night, some water, her half-eaten lunch, a comic book and a tiny slip with her address scribbled on it.”

Simpler Thing

““But now, we are walking backwards until we collide. We are talking of women and their men, of the wall, of the weather. Of us. “Does it trouble you too?” I ask.”

A Set of Hands

“And with every wrong set of hands, he wished only for a dispassionate life. A life of no knots, no slutty mothers and lovelorn fathers.”

Narcissus and I

“Time is a blur and I do not remember what I was before. For as long as I know, the day I came upon these untouched waters, was the day I began to live. For is not to love, to live?”


"No one is waiting for him, but he has to be on time. "