We accept a vast array of content in terms of style, medium and subject. You could be a writer, illustrator, photojournalist or just someone who can opine eloquently about a subject. Be it through the written word, film, art or photography, we invite you to tell your story. Please send your work to

The Details

POETRY submissions are flexible in style and size. A good length is anything longer than a stub and shorter than a list of your sorrows. We usually take about three to five weeks to get back on poetry submissions. You may submit upto three poems for consideration.

FICTION should ideally range from 2500-6000 words. We like being pulled out of our seats, or stuck to them, nothing in between! Flash fiction should be less than 750 words. We get back on fiction submissions within a month.

ESSAYS should be a solid 1000-4000 words, on subjects that you are well-versed in. This could be about anything from gastronomy to botany, but must have a clear argument or a captivating story. The type of essays we publish range between personal histories, opinion, travel, reviews, literary essays, as well as cultural commentary. You can expect to hear on pitches within 5 working days and submissions in about two weeks.

HUMOUR submissions are welcome, especially those which we can’t finish reading because we’re in splits. The best way to get an idea of our expectation, enunciation, and obfuscation is to go through all the existing pieces in our various sub-categories. ​

TOPICAL COMMENTS We prefer it if these don’t sound too much like news reports and aren’t longer than 2000 words. We urge you to run the idea by us before investing the effort into writing it. Topical comments will usually receive a response within three days. ​

CARTOONS, especially spoofs of current affairs, are well received. Please send a short artist’s statement with it, so that we don’t miss any of your subtle, clever references. We respond to cartoons within a week.

​ ARTWORK should be submitted in digital form. Although our first instinct would be to put up a gallery of the finest art in our backyard, digital artwork is what we accept for now. The look and feel of this can be anything from watercolour to photographic. ​

FILM projects needn’t be fully ready. They needn’t even have begun. As long as you have a narrative and treatment note that fits our universe, we’d like to see it and may choose to help you produce it. We may take upto two weeks to respond.

A Few Things to Consider

FORMATTING AND LANGUAGE - Please consistently use either British English or American English throughout your piece. And though we like quirky writing, quirky fonts can really slow us down. Please send your work in a .docx (for written work) or PDF format (for visual pieces). Don’t forget to fact-check, because that gets rather boring and tedious for us (not that we don’t do it anyway). Please title everything with a name and submission category, lest your work end up in the pile of pretentious art, labelled “Untitled”.

ORIGINAL WORK - We accept only one unpublished and original submission at a time. If you had a moment of inspiration and put up all your verses on your blog, we’re afraid we can’t top that.

SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS - Do tell us if your work is a simultaneous submission. We don’t like to be cheated on—without being informed, that is. If you choose to have your work published elsewhere, please notify us immediately to withdraw it.

READING PERIOD - Our submissions are rolling throughout the year, which means you can submit whenever you think your work is ready.

PITCH - For the longer written pieces, it might be wise to submit a short pitch summarising your intention and style before getting down to work, so that we can tell you if we want your proposed contribution. If you wish to submit a piece with a pitch to make it part of a regular feature, please do so with a detailed content break-up.

PAYMENT - We don’t offer payment at the moment, but we hope to start renumerating contributions once we have the luxury of paid readers.

We would like you to get a taste of what we do before you submit by going through some of the content on our website—you’ll get a fair idea of the wacky sections that we publish entries under, too.