Humour and Cartoons

Why culture is a colossal hogwash of post-modern feudalists trying to get your money

On that note, let me tell you why culture—the searing operas of Verdi, the laconic retorts of Leonidas to Xerxes, the tumultuous, plague striking,...


ART: Man who caked Mona Lisa now deemed celebrity in modern art circles The enigmatic man-cum-old-lady, accidentally pulled off a stupendous victory for the Modern Art...

12 Signs You’re Reading A Pretentious Literary Magazine

John Quincy Adams once said, “I have to study politics and war so that my sons can study mathematics, commerce and agriculture, so their...

It’s Not Even Funny

“There’s no need to specify that it’s not funny,” said Sam. “In what situation would too much traffic be funny?”

Hair Bands, Hand-Me-Downs and Holding On

“It was a lesson in attachment, growth, and grieving; in learning how to let go of parts of me I thought were essential, when they no longer are.”

Pandemic Management Guidebook For Aspiring Fascists

“When hospitals beg for oxygen—say it’s already there (in the air). When people die—deny it.”

A Minimalist Guide to Minimalism

Minimalism sucks. No, not fundamentally (say, like fascism) but in its ultimate goal. It is an elusive pursuit; a constant work-in-progress. And how it could not be? There are never enough things that you cannot own.

Recipe For Apolitical Stew

Make the perfect dish for your utopian illusions!

How To Avoid Rabies

"For anyone who asks, this is what happened: Lara kissed the dog. Then the dog she’s dating wanted a kiss too."

“The Remote Is Mine, Mona!”

““Mona, can you come out of the damn kitchen! I think this might be it,” Mr Moody shrieked, “this is when I die.””