Ends of the Earth

Coral Warriors: Keeping Corals from Losing their Colour

An Initiative to understand the recurrent mass bleaching of corals and make diving accessible.

My Sustainable Wanderlust

What cycling through a never-ending pandemic taught me about eco-travel

Trawling for Trouble: The Underbelly of Seafood

A photo essay on fish trawling off the coast of Maharashtra

One Blue Planet

Picture Sarojini Nagar, coupled with all its sounds. Now place it underwater, replace the people with the most peculiar fishes you can think of, and voilà, you have a coral reef.

When Bengaluru’s Lakes Dried Up

"In fact, most of Bengaluru’s water bodies died far before the city even began turning into the crowded metropolis it is today."

The Streets of Pompeii Scavi

    Musetta’s Waltz was playing on my phone. I turned down the narrow crowded street, and edging past other tourists, entered a cafe. I asked...