Retribution or Rehabilitation: Death Penalty as Final Justice

    There was a time in history when people were hunted down and burnt to death for being witches, without any evidence.  Although the lack of...

An Existential Guide to Risks and Relationships

    Growing up, I would go into construction sites and pretend they were haunted or contained forbidden, secret chambers. Once, an unenthused, older boy announced...

On The Pursuit of a Room of One’s Own

“Woolf is right. Women need a room. Women need floors to kick, walls to beat, air to scream into or they will wind up dead.”


“Is the neck of my top too low, are my breasts moving a lot, is there a bike ready to knock me down, are the neighbours noticing me too much?"

On Grief and Mortality

“As a woman of science, my mother is relentless in her search for answers. Why must we die? If we are to die, why do we ever live? Who designed this system?”

Lockdown, Loneliness and a Love Letter

"The magic of Lorde’s music doesn’t lie in providing solutions but in its ability to assure the world that it’s okay to feel hopeless; to idle in a musty room."

On Childhood, Fear, and Retrospect

The world is, at least at an instinctive level, less scary as a grown-up.

On The Semantic Wonder of Foul Language

"Profanity conveys emotion in a manner that ‘cleaner’ language struggles to—and who wouldn’t want the ability to so powerfully and instantaneously express emotion?"

Reinhart Koselleck and The History Question

The ways we place ourselves in the grand scheme of things

Inside Outside

“These in-between spaces, where the rules of confinement are temporarily modified, have, once more, become areas of yearning for blurred lines.”