Gaurav Kamath

Gaurav Kamath is a staff writer at ALMA MAG. He hopes his degree in philosophy will get him more than a job at McDonald’s, but that is still a working hypothesis.

The King’s Indian

From Chaturanga to Modern Chess

On Childhood, Fear, and Retrospect

The world is, at least at an instinctive level, less scary as a grown-up.

On Indians Caring About American Politics

"The American way of life—through entertainment, social media, and a whole lot of junk food—has touched even those in the most remote parts of the world."

When Bengaluru’s Lakes Dried Up

"In fact, most of Bengaluru’s water bodies died far before the city even began turning into the crowded metropolis it is today."

On Dogs, The Odyssey & Life At Large

“Ulysses shed a tear; I only dirtied a linen shirt.”

On The Semantic Wonder of Foul Language

"Profanity conveys emotion in a manner that ‘cleaner’ language struggles to—and who wouldn’t want the ability to so powerfully and instantaneously express emotion?"

Reinhart Koselleck and The History Question

The ways we place ourselves in the grand scheme of things