Aarushi Aggarwal

Aarushi Aggarwal is Associate Editor at ALMA MAG. On most days, she studies foreign investments and writes about India's economy. She has recently forayed into essay writing.

A Minimalist Guide to Minimalism

Minimalism sucks. No, not fundamentally (say, like fascism) but in its ultimate goal. It is an elusive pursuit; a constant work-in-progress. And how it could not be? There are never enough things that you cannot own.

The Streets of Pompeii Scavi

Musetta’s Waltz was playing on my phone. I turned down the narrow crowded street, and edging past other tourists, entered a cafe. I asked...

Notes from Post-Colonial India

Satyajit Ray: life, influences, writings

India On The Brink: The Folly Of Poor Economics

"Covid-19 merely exacerbated structural shortcomings in the economy, which had been ailing long before the coronavirus reached India’s shores."