Yuvraj Nathani

Yuvraj Nathani is Founding Editor at ALMA Magazine. For more, follow him here.

Season 6: A Pesky Peaky Compromise?

Disclaimer: Contains major spoilers for Season 6 of Peaky Blinders “It means you f*** people. F*** people over. Don’t give a f***. It means you covet...

Above Water

“Are stories removed from reality? Where do they come from?” | A note by our Founding Editor

City Lights

"It’s quite fine, you suddenly notice—the panoramic view, the Calacatta marble, the artwork, the baby grand. It is what you’d always wanted, but you don’t cherish it one bit."

Editor’s Note, Fall 2020

"In a time both chaotic and quiet, what must fine writing be about?" A hesitant Founding Editor's Note, by Yuvraj Nathani.

The Fate of Western Classical Music

From pandemic-borne havoc to systemic problems the industry must overcome