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How To Avoid Rabies

"For anyone who asks, this is what happened: Lara kissed the dog. Then the dog she’s dating wanted a kiss too."

Freshman Fraudery

"My excess baggage had resulted in a handbag full of hostile playdates: a downcast novella, one teaspoon of sanitizer, two broken chargers, a single shoe from a pair of  Doc Martens, and a beanie.”

City Lights

"It’s quite fine, you suddenly notice—the panoramic view, the Calacatta marble, the artwork, the baby grand. It is what you’d always wanted, but you don’t cherish it one bit."

Mouthful of Love

A poem by Vedika Gupta.

The Self-Sexualisation of Young Women Online

On the liberal feminist movement, influencer culture, and the internalised pressures to sell sex

Experiences of London’s Popular Music in the Nineteen-Sixties

A decade of musical vibrancy—from Hendrix’s first London gig to Jagger’s troublesome locks

Let Me Tell You Why Solitude Is For You

Getting dreamy with a good old romance novel isn't as loser-ish as it sounds. Try it for yourself.

Inside Outside

“These in-between spaces, where the rules of confinement are temporarily modified, have, once more, become areas of yearning for blurred lines.”

Modern Day Mother Teresa? Woman Says Yes To Zoom Date With Persistent Tinder Match!

The anxiety-riddled moments of preparation that precede joining a video call with the prospective love of your life who says things like ‘in the new normal’

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