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Waiting, Watching, Wishing

A photo essay by Yuvan Kumar.

‘Welcome to Shambhala’ by Sahaya

A visual escape into an ethereal space once reserved for the spiritually enlightened

For Freedom

Artwork by Aishwarye Gaikwad.


Artwork by Sreehari Siva.

Realm of the Unconscious

Artwork by Dhvani Mehta.

‘Fall’ by Gia Singh Arora

Movement as storytelling, expression and a performing art

We Are One: Film Festivals and Pandemics

The transformation of film festivals in the shadow of a pandemic


A cartoon by Tanushka Beniwal.

Bubonic Plague

A cartoon by Tanushka Beniwal.

Chaos 2020

Artwork by Nikita Deshpande

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