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Realm of the Unconscious

Realm of the Unconscious
Medium: Oil and paper mâché Size: 5'6 by 4'

Mehta uses her artistic process to insert everyday objects or human figures into a surrealist environment, thus allowing them to merge. She creates a dynamic space of interplay between creatures and objects that are not only quotidian but also otherworldly.

Mehta considers her artistic work a window into the subconscious and a reflection of an alternate reality. Realm of the Unconscious  is influenced by the landscapes of Dali, the compositions of Magritte’s compositions and the self-portraits of Frida; it urges the viewer to construct their own subjective narrative from it.

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<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment="{"blocks":[{"key":"f7m3i","text":"Dhvani Mehta is a Visual Arts graduate from MSU Baroda.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":0,"length":55,"style":"ITALIC"}],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"style":{"textAlign":"center"},"attributes":{"className":""}}}],"entityMap":{}}">Dhvani Mehta is a Visual Arts graduate from MSU Baroda.</div>