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Lockdown, Loneliness and a Love Letter

"The magic of Lorde’s music doesn’t lie in providing solutions but in its ability to assure the world that it’s okay to feel hopeless; to idle in a musty room."

A Taste Of Mumbai

8 dishes that have become staples in the coastal capital of Maharashtra, India

The Intricacies of Modern Art

A conversation between two lovers is more "art" than some of these pieces could ever be.

Notes from Post-Colonial India

Satyajit Ray: life, influences, writings

‘Welcome to Shambhala’ by Sahaya

A visual escape into an ethereal space once reserved for the spiritually enlightened

Subaltern Histories and Regional Identity in ‘Southeast Asia in World History’

A review of Craig Lockard’s book ‘Southeast Asia In World history’

On The Semantic Wonder of Foul Language

"Profanity conveys emotion in a manner that ‘cleaner’ language struggles to—and who wouldn’t want the ability to so powerfully and instantaneously express emotion?"

Live-streaming Lord Ganesha: Of Festivals and Pandemics

Devotees around India adapt to usher in their beloved deity during virus-ridden times.

‘Fall’ by Gia Singh Arora

Movement as storytelling, expression and a performing art

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